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Seven of Nine, born Annika Hansen, was assimilated by the Borg Collective, along with her human parents, at age six. Eighteen years later, she was put foward as the Collective's representative when Captain Kathryn Janeway required an intermediary, having thwarted planned assimilation during negotiations with the Collective--an unprecedented moment in the history of the Borg.

When the shaky truce between the human captain and the Collective broke down, Janeway severed Seven of Nine from the Collective. As Seven had been born human, Janeway was insistent that Seven was "one of their own" and that she should accept individuality and humanity and remain on Voyager as her crew made its way back to the Federation. Seven resisted but eventually came to appreciate her individuality and..._some_ aspects of humanity. She became a key member of Voyager's crew, loyal to the ship, her comrades, and to Janeway herself--if not always to the letter or even to the spirit of Janeway's principles.

To those who look past the external evidence of her time as a drone--and past the vestiges of the Borg that are still a part of her nature--she often seems to be an innocent. In some ways, she is. Seven has become, on some deep level, a compassionate idealist who abhors abuse of any kind perpetrated for its own sake, who (perhaps despite herself) feels that there is a basic goodness inherent in humanity and in each individual, regardless of species. Yet she is pragmatic and will not hesitate to ignore the dictates of human morality if she feels the end will justify the means.

Now that Seven has returned to the Alpha Quadrant with Voyager's crew, she resides on Earth where most people pretend not to see the implants that mark her as Borg. With no clear purpose in her life, she has fallen into the position of a civilian-consultant attached to Starfleet; Admiral Neychev sends her out to brief the leaders of Federation member-worlds and allies on the Borg. In the course of these missions, she often encounters individuals who do not bother to pretend to ignore her remaining implants, let alone look past the external to the actual individual that is Seven of Nine. This makes for a disturbing "career"--such as it is.

She finds her existence on Earth largely without purpose as she no longer serves a function vital to the "collective" as she did on Voyager. Deepening her alienation is the withdrawal of the person who featured most significantly in her life as an individual before Voyager's homecoming: Kathryn Janeway.

Seven (now Annika to a select, treasured few) is more humanized than the woman she was in her first years aboard Voyager. Her experience of lack of purpose; of an isolation more extreme without the Voyager "family"; and of the consequent need to adapt to an existence more independent and solitary than ever before--and to do so without the demands (and consolation) of Voyager and her captain--these experiences alone make her more human, as we would define it, though she may not realize it.

Seven fills the empty hours when she is not on assignment with cooking, playing the piano, spending time with Naomi Wildman, and, now, with a new project: the acquisition of so-called "bad habits." She has recently found herself with access to a realm beyond time and space known as the_storyboard, which has become a most pleasant way of passing her time. Through the_storyboard, Seven has met many fascinating individuals, including one Cordelia Chase who has graciously accepted her assistance in the operation of her coffee shop on twenty-first-century Earth. Seven continues, without always being consciously aware of doing so, to seek for a purpose.

"Therefore I have set my face like flint,
and I know that I shall not be put to shame."
Isaiah 50:7, NRSV

Relevant Dates
2350 Annika Hansen is born in the Tendara Colony.
2356 The Hansen family, including six-year-old Annika, is assimilated by the Borg.
2374 Seven of Nine, now 23, is severed from the Borg Collective. She attempts to rejoin the Collective but is thwarted. She becomes a member of Voyager's crew, demonstrating her loyalty by uncovering a group of alien scientists engaged in experimentation on her crewmates. She later assists Janeway in destroying the Omega particle. When the ship and crew are threatened by passage through a Mutara-class nebula, Janeway trusts Seven, with the Doctor's assistance, to see the ship through the nebula and protect the crew who must be put into stasis. Later, Seven chooses to save herself and Janeway from imminent assimilation rather than return to the Borg.
2375 Seven willingly returns to the Borg to prevent the Queen from assimilating her new 'collective' but is rescued by Janeway. In this year, she goes on her first date. Later, she is recruited by the so-called temporal police of the 29th century to prevent the destruction of Voyager.
2376 Seven is captured by Captain Ransom of the USS Equinox. Months later, she leaves Voyager, after an unsucessful adaptation to her alcove causes her to believe Janeway plans to return her to Starfleet for vivisection. Janeway pursues and brings her home. Soon after, Janeway makes her responsible for the care and education of four former-Borg children.
2377 Seven is contacted for assistance by a rebel group within the Collective; she convinces Janeway to aid their rebellion. Later, Seven almost dies when her cortical node fails; she is eventually convinced to accept Icheb's node.
2378 Seven returns to the Federation with the USS Voyager and takes up residence on Earth.

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